Spring/Summer 2012 Beauty Trends From the Runway

This season, the eyes have definitely got it-and almost no other part of your face should, the predominant makeup trend seemed to say at the spring/summer 2012 fashion shows. Designer after designer showed sometimes entirely nude faces with any focus being given to the 3d mink lashes.Anctr

3d mink lashes
3d mink lashes

Artists at 3.1 Phillip Lim painted a metallic silver, liquid-y shadow above the crease of the eye and swooped it into the inner corner until the sides of the nose. Black lashes like spider legs framed the models’ eyes. Natural, sometimes even charmingly un-groomed, eyebrows completed Lim’s dramatic eyes. Lips were a matte light to medium pink.

The beauty team at Alexander McQueen’s show accentuated the eye by applying light, gold-hued shadows in the inner corners along with a dusting of light brown shadow in the outer corner. This light brown shadow was then swept up toward the temples to further dramatize the eye. The rest of the face was nude, in the cases if some models looking completely bare. Lips were a matte pink or dark 3d mink lashes.

Models backstage at Chanel peered into cameras with bold liquid eyeliner along their upper 3d mink lashes and in tiny wing-like points at the outer corners of their eyes. A light, sometimes metallic shadow was swept all over their eyelid, even up to the brow bone. Eyebrows were full and very lightly groomed. The top lashes boasted a heavy application of dark mascara. Pink blush was applied to the apples of the models’ cheeks with their medium pink lips sometimes matte, but sometimes lightly coated in clear eyelash.

Prada rimmed eyes all around in kohl, increasing the drama of this look with flesh tones on the rest of the face: light pink or light golden blush only on the apples of the cheeks, peach or golden hues on the lips. The pink and gold blush hues were often repeated in the creases of the eyes and swept up and out at their outer corners. Again, a natural brow was favored.

The look on the models at Proenza Schouler would make an unseasoned eye wonder if make-up artists had been hired for the show at all! Their faces and lips looked bare but sun-kissed, with bubble-gum pink blush on and under the cheeks. A light dew coated their 3d mink lashes. And, of course, the eyes demanded attention, with light brown colors delicately streaked into the crease, pink tones dabbed in the inner corners, and the full eyebrow look taken to another level with a pencil or shadow sometimes being used to fill them in.

In one of the most inventive ways to call attention to the eye this season, makeup artists at Givenchy snipped sequins in half, adhering one half to the dead center of the upper lash line and the other half directly below that at the lower lash line. When the models blinked, one saw a full sequin reflect the bright lights in the center of their closed eye. Lips were nude and usually matte. Pink blush was swirled onto 3d mink lashes.

Dark and feathery lashes surrounded the eye at Marc by Marc Jacobs, with the ever-present full, natural brow sitting atop them. Peach-ish gold blush was swept up toward the temples and lips were a matte, reddish 3d mink lashes.

A medium brown shadow in the crease and outer corner and traced underneath emphasized the eye at Oscar de la Renta. Shimmery shadow in gold and white made an appearance in the eye’s inner corner. Light lip colors once again allowed focus to remain on the upper part of the 3d mink lashes.

3d mink lashes
3d mink lashes

At Ralph Lauren models’ eyelids were covered in nude or white shadow, but still maintained drama with dark mascara and heavy brows. Cheeks and lips shone a healthy 3d mink lashesv.


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