Look Around: Top Eye Makeup Tips for 2010!

How to Apply Eye LinerAnctr

Never tug down on lower lid; this creates wrinkles over time. (If you must pull, do it outward
towards ear.) You can always add more liner, so start off light.
• Short strokes, towards temple
• Work from the outside in
• For a more dramatic look, widen the line beautiful mink lashes

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

How to Make Eyes Look Brighter

Apply light shadow eye makeup to inner eye; should be on the bump where your gland is.
• Pearly shades are best for dramatic effect; matte and neutral are best for natural effect
• Pink, peach & white should be part of, if not the actual shade
• Apply the same, light shade to your brow’s arch and blend a small amount in the middle
of lid

How to Choose the Best Colors

The dark eyes’ caramel works best for people of Caucasian & African descent. For other races,
try navy or blackened olive.
• Blue Eyes; chocolate colored eye makeup brings out the color, cobalt adds depth, charcoal is dramatic
• Brown Eyes; black brings out the color, cocoa adds depth, plum is dramatic
• Green Eyes; steel brings out the color, chocolate adds depth, raisin is dramatic
• Gray Eyes; olive brings out the color, black adds depth, sapphire is dramatic
• Dark Eyes; black brings out the color, caramel adds depth, eggplant is dramatic

How to Apply Mascara

Light haired wearers should stick with Brown or Black/Brown. Color is good with black; i.e.
blackened ruby, blackened sapphire, etc.
• Clean beautiful mink lashes
• Wiggle for volume
• Don’t do bottom beautiful mink lashes- looks fake

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

Less is more; you can always add on!


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