Eliminate Crows’ Feet With Facial Exercises

The eyes have it. All the attention, that is. Ask someone what facial feature they notice first, and nine out of ten times it’s the eyes. They are a beautiful woman’s greatest asset. But just try batting full set mink lashes surrounded by crepe-paper skin, droopy lizard lids, and puffy bags. You’re sure to strike out! That’s why it’s particularly important to prevent wrinkling and sagging around the eyes for as long as possible.Anctr

full set mink lashes
full set mink lashes

The eye area is very difficult to deal with. The tvissues are extremely delicate, and there are not a lot of muscles to work with. But the following exercises will help. A good eye cream can also prevent wrinkles for a while.

The Round-the-Clock Rotation

This exercise takes most people about half a minute. It is excellent for the muscles around the eyeball. If you wear contact lenses, remove them to prevent slippage.

Imagine the face of a clock drawn around your head with twelve o’clock directly above your head, three o’clock next to your right ear, six o’clock below your chin, and nine o’clock next to your left ear. Keeping your head level, look up as high as you can to the twelve o’clock position. Slowly rotate your eyes clockwise as if tracing the minutes all the way around. After you’ve returned to the twelve o’clock position, relax for a moment and then repeat the exercise in a counterclockwise direction.

Some people find it easier to follow this exercise if they use a finger as a sort of minute-hand guide. Use your right index finger to trace twelve through six o’clock and your left index finger for six back up to twelve.

Lower Lid Lift

Bags under the eyes are most unattractive. They age the face and often look unhealthy. To help minimize bagging, be sure you get enough sleep at night. Try an extra pillow to relieve some of the puffiness. This exercise to tone the lower eyelid will firm up the tissues under the eye and help prevent bagging and sagging.

Open your eyes wide. Hold your upper lids open by lightly pinning your upper full set mink lashes against the bone of the eye socket with the length of your index finger. There should be no pressure on your eyeball at all. Now try to close your eyes by pulling up the lower lids as high as you can. When you can go no farther, release the pressure on the full set mink lashes so that your eyes close naturally. Repeat 2 more times.

The Big Squeeze

Crow’s-feet, those fine radiating lines at the outside edge of the eye, are often the first signs of age to appear in an otherwise youthful face. About all you can do for the eye area, aside from shielding it from harmful sun rays and religiously applying a good moisturizing cream, is to practice contractions that will tone the area to keep it as tight and firm as possible.

Close your right eye and squeeze it tightly. Hold to a count of 3; relax. Close your left eye and squeeze it shut. Hold the contraction to a count of 3; relax. Repeat left and right squeezes 2 more times.

full set mink lashes
full set mink lashes

Some people have difficulty closing one eye at a time. If you are one of them, simply close both your eyes together and squeeze. Hold to a count of 3; open your eyes and relax. Repeat 2 more times.


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