Makeup Tips for Ultimate Valentine’s Day Romance

Valentine’s Day – it’s a time for chocolate and flowers, for going on a hot date with your sweetheart, for dressing up in your cutest outfit, for rocking new makeup looks. Yes, you read that correctly: a time to show off a new romantic look that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. It also doesn’t hurt to have your date notice and appreciate the effort you put in and to feel absolutely delighted to be with you.Anctr

mink and silk lashes
mink and silk lashes

Valentine’s Day Prep

Before the big day arrives, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself. Implementing and following through with a daily skincare routine is a great way to keep your face clean and soft. Exfoliating your lips with Sara Happ sugar lip scrub and following up with a moisturizing lip balm will leave your lips feeling oh-so-soft; your date won’t want to stop kissing them.

Feminine, Flirty Look

For a more a more subtle yet entirely romantic look, you can stick to more soft and sheer color palette. Here’s how to achieve a feminine and flirty look:

– Prepare your face with your regular foundation, concealer and powder.

– Lightly apply a tint blush by Jouer Cosmetics to your cheekbones. Choose a color that matches the color of your lips or the undertones in your skin.

– Highlight your eyes with a neutral tone of Crème Eyeshadow from Jouer Cosmetics.

– Line your top eyelids with black pencil eyeliner, and smudge it a bit.

– Curl your eyelashes and apply Lash Mascara from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics.

– Top off your look with your favorite color of PAUL & JOE Cosmetics’ Lipstick N.

The Vixen

The Vixen look is all about the eyes. Here is how to make them pop:

– Apply false eyelashes with clear eyelash adhesive to the outer corners of your top eyelids.

– Give your eyes a “cut-crease” look. To achieve this look, apply a light shade of Powder Eyeshadow from Jouer Cosmetics over your eyelids and up to your brow. Next, sweep a darker color over the crease of your lids with a thin makeup brush. Make sure the dark color is thicker near the outer corners of your eyes and fades as you move closer to the inner corners. Then use that dark color to make a line along your upper eyelid. Follow up with a black eye pencil to create that smoky eye look.

– Once you have the cut-crease look down, curl your lashes and add on Mascara Primer Duo from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics.

– You don’t want to overdo your look by doing too much with your lips, so using a simple Moisturizing Lip Gloss from Jouer Cosmetics in a medium-dark berry color, like Sunset or Rose Glisten, will finish up your look perfectly.

Smoldering Pinup

Big, bold, colorful lips; that’s the focus of the Smoldering Pinup look.

– Though red is the go-to color for this look, you can add your own twist by choosing another bold color you enjoy.

– Use the Lip Pencil Duo from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics to line your lips, then add lipstick in Red Ribbon, Red Velvet or Gotham (a deep berry color).

– A simple look for your eyes can be achieved by applying a beige color of eye shadow over your eyelid and then adding a brown shadow along your crease.

– To get those classic pinup cat-eyes, you can use PAUL & JOE Cosmetics’ Liquid Eye Liner in True Black.

– For a little more pizzazz, use Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner from Jouer Cosmetics in Fox, a navy-charcoal color to top off your eyes.

– Pull the whole look together by applying Mascara Primer Duo from PAUL & JOE Cosmetics to your lashes.

mink and silk lashes
mink and silk lashes

Trying out a new, romantic look for Valentine’s Day can be fun, but if you are not entirely sure whether one of these looks is for you, test it out the night before and add your own touches.


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