Do You Know Someone Who’s Turning Sweet 16? Give A Gift That Will Last A Lifetime!

If you know someone who’s turning 16, the best gift you can give her is to show her how to begin a good skin care regimen. The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better! Show her how to properly mink lashes online shop, moisturize and protect her skin from the sun and your gift will last her a lifetime!Anctr

mink lashes online shop
mink lashes online shop

When we are young and our skin is dewy fresh and free of wrinkles and lines, we don’t think about someday looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back. We all know how fast time goes by. Set some time together when it will be just the two of you to bond and when its quiet with no distractions. Then get to work!

Begin with her skin. Teach her to cleanse her face in the AM and PM using a gentle cleanser. Make sure you show her that whenever she applies a lotion to her skin, that she makes sure her hands are clean first. Teach her to use circular motions when cleansing or applying lotions to her face, preferably in an upward, outward motion. Show her how to pat her skin dry and not rub it as this will irritate her skin and rub away any natural oils.

If her skin is prone to acne or occasional blemishes, there are anti-acne solution treatments that include cleansers, daily astringents to keep pores clean and unclogged and lotions that will prevent new acne breakouts. Next, apply a moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 15.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The higher the number, the more protection you get from the sun. Many skin care and makeup products today include SPF. We know that there is a dark side to the sun and it’s not just the side you can’t see. Our government has proven that the ultraviolet rays from the sun (and from tanning machines) are definitely linked to cancer in humans. You need protection from the sun whether it’s summer or winter, or sunny or cloudy, as the sun’s rays are always there.

Choose a moisturizer that is light and non-greasy. Apply it the same way you applied the cleanser. Put a small amount on her fingers and, using slow, circular motions, allow her to spread the moisturizer on her face in an upward, outward motion towards her temples. Very lightly. The moisturizer will be absorbed into her skin. You can add moisturizer if you feel you need it; just make sure her whole face and forehead are moisturized.

If her skin has some acne blemishes, you may want to use a concealer that contains a tint very close to her natural skin tone. Apply it with fingertips, also, however just pat it on. Don’t rub it as this will cause her skin to get red and irritated. Just dot on and blend.

Now you are ready for a little Face Tint. This will even out her skin tone and aid in moisturizing and protect her from the UV rays of the sun. Apply with fingertips the same as the moisturizer and just make sure that it is blended well. Apply the product to the top of her neck also, as you don’t want any tint to stop at her jaw-line and be obvious. Blend it evenly from the jaw up and out over her face.

As for makeup, you can get a light color eye shadow, such as pink or lavender and just apply it to her eyelids evenly. Use an eye shadow brush as this will evenly spread the makeup on the eyelid. You can blend it with your fingertips to smooth any loose flakes. You probably don’t need an eyeliner, but if you choose to add this, choose a warm color in a little darker shade than the eye shadow. Such as if you have a light pink or lavender eye shadow, use a plum-colored eye liner. Very lightly apply to the top of the mink lashes online shop and, again, blend it with your fingertips.

Next, use a mascara. You may not need to add mascara with any color; a clear gel would probably work best. This will separate the mink lashes online shop and curl the ends just a little bit, but it will make her eyes appear more open. No one will even know she is wearing mascara. The clear gel mink lashes online shop on her lashes will set off the light color eye shadow and her eyes will just wake up her face!

For a light blush, use a nude or very pale pink shade. Show her how to find the apples of her cheeks by smiling and, using a blush brush, blend the blush along the apples of her cheeks towards her temples. Very lightly. The secret is you want all these products to look very natural, like she’s not wearing any makeup at all! You want her natural beauty and uniqueness to shine through.

Lastly, apply a lip tint. You can choose from a lip balm, a lip gloss or a lipstick. Again, make sure the product contains an SPF 15 or higher. Your bottom lip especially is vulnerable and needs protection from the sun. Apply from the middle of the lip and work your way to the corners, applying evenly.

Don’t forget, stress that you need to cleanse your face morning and night when you start wearing makeup and you should never go to bed with makeup on. This could clog your pores and could encourage acne breakouts. Also, show her how to wash her makeup brushes once a week to prevent any bacteria from growing.

This is a fun time for you to bond. Answer her questions and have some fun! You can experiment with colors, but at a young age, natural is always better!

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mink lashes online shop
mink lashes online shop

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