Beautify Your Eyelashes With These Simple Tips

Eyelashes are important for your eyes, not only because of their protective function but also because they make your eyes look so beautiful. Thicker and fuller lashes are a dream of all women. But at the same time, your lashes are very sensitive and prone to get damaged easily. It is known that the rate of growth of new eye mink lashes private label factory is very slow as compared to your hair.Anctr

mink lashes private label factory
mink lashes private label factory

Damaging factors for your eyelashes

Because the length of the eye lashes is smaller they shed or break easily. So for beautiful eyes you need to safeguard your eye mink lashes private label factory against unwanted shedding. There is a normal trend and a slow pace at which your lashes fall and re-grow. All this is regulated by the body’s hormones. But if more eyelashes fall than the number which grows, then it will lead to weak and thin eye lashes.

Certain hormonal or dietary deficiencies lead to excessive breaking of the lashes. Other than this vigorous rubbing, dryness and weak eyes are also responsible. Thus, in order to protect your eyelashes you should bear in mind to keep yourself away from above factors. Protecting the eyelashes is important but not at all difficult. You should try and include the following tips in your daily routine and get beautiful eyes with thicker and healthy lashes without much effort.

Tips to protect and care for your eye lashes

1) Make sure to consume a diet rich in proteins. Proteins especially keratin helps in maintaining healthy and strong eye mink lashes private label factory.

2) Drink plenty of water. This would ensure that you have hydrated skin because dry skin weakens the roots of your eye mink lashes private label factory.

3) At bedtime, use a little amount of night cream to massage around the eye area. This would help maintain the blood circulation in the area and make the roots of your eye mink lashes private label factory strong.

4) If you are facing the problem of falling eye lashes then you can opt for specific products available for the purpose in the market. These over the counter products like Obagi ELASTILash eye treatment have natural products like malonic acid, mineral peptides and other enzymes which work to boost the growth of your mink lashes private label factory.

5) Relaxed and healthy eyes also promote healthy and fuller eyelashes. Follow eye exercises and massage routines to distress your eyes.

6) You can use green tea bags, dipped in chilled water to sooth your eyes and regain their natural health.

7) Protect your eyes from exposure to UV rays. Use sun glasses and hats when going outside in the sunlight.

8) Some people owe their thinner eyelashes to their genetic makeup. These traits pass on to them from their ancestors. For such people an easy solution is eye makeup. If you face such a problem, you can select from the large range of eye makeup products to beautify your eyes.

mink lashes private label factory
mink lashes private label factory

9) These days cosmetic manufactures are making eye make up with mineral base (like Glo Mineral Eye makeup products). These products not only beautify, but also nourish your skin around the eyes with their natural minerals. These are skin friendly and safe products.


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