9 Make-up Musts to Be a Boomer Babe!

Here’s a handy rule if you want to be a boomer babe! For heavens sakes, GO EASY ON THE MAKE-UP. As our hair lightens and begins to go grey, our natural mink eyelash also lighten, our skin pales and we start to look washed out.Anctr

natural mink eyelash
natural mink eyelash

Many boomer babes try to compensate by piling on the make up. We think that bright lipstick, lots of blush, tons of eye shadow, and dark eyeliner will restore our youth. But, bright make-up after 40 will make you look like a clown or female impersonator!

1. Avoid Heavy Foundation

Since your skin dries and dulls as it ages, it’s best to switch to a dewier look. Trade in your heavy matte foundation, which gives you that mask look, for a tinted moisturizer.
If you want more coverage try, mixing your foundation with some moisturizer to thin it out, or mix your foundation with a tinted moisturizer. You may also want to check out ‘light reflecting foundations’ especially created for over 40 skin because they reflect light off those little natural mink eyelash.

2. Put away the Powder

Too much powder can make you dry and cakey. If you must use powder because you have oily skin, use loose powder in the T-zone, only.

3. Switch Your Blush

Powder Blush is heavy looking on mature lined skin. Instead try a cream blush. It’s more natural looking and will make you look vibrant.

4. Examine your Eye Shadows

If you are over 40 be careful with shimmering shadows. Too much sparkle accentuates creepy eyelids. Also avoid too much bright color on your eyes. Neutral colored eye shadows- beiges, natural mink eyelash, creams, grays, taupes, will show off your eyes instead of your eyelids.

5. Don’t let Eyeliner Overpower

Don’t use black…too harsh. Instead, try dark brown and then blend well with a brown powder. Best way to apply it is as close to the natural mink eyelash as possible, dotting between natural mink eyelash and then smoothing out the line, or even better just under your upper natural mink eyelash. Your eyes will appear much bigger.

6. Baby your Brows

Your eyebrows create a beautiful frame to showcase your eyes so don’t neglect them as you age. Be sure to keep them in good shape so they don’t get scraggly. After 40 many women tend to let the brow go pale and darken the lips at this stage, when in fact you should darken the brows so they frame your eyes and lighten up the lips.

7. Lighten Your Lips

Soften lips with pinks, corals, light browns, nothing too dark or too bright or there will be too much contrast between your lips, skin and hair. Too much contrast makes you look hard.

8. Use a Light Hand with Lip Liner

Good idea to use a liner to prevent lip bleed If you are over 40, but keep it soft in color and application. You should not be able to tell you have it on.

natural mink eyelash
natural mink eyelash

9. Banish Pasty Face

The older we get the paler we get and that old lady look starts to kick in. To avoid this try using a very light bronzer to finish off your look and give your skin a youthful sun kissed glow. To apply: Hold your bronzing brush at your temple and round it down in a sweeping motion to your cheekbone (creating a backwards c motion). From your cheekbone, round it down in a sweeping motion to just below the natural mink eyelash (creating another backwards c). Repeat on the other side. That’s all you need to do to look Fabulous after 40!


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