Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles

The doorbell rang for his and Sophie’s second meeting. When he opened the door, Paul was shocked. Was this the same Sophie? Gone were the awful green glasses and she had beautifully pulled up her hair, natural authentic and sensuous. She had hair with an amour-propre and hair with an attitude. Gentle but unmediated and determined to be free. Long hair in the color of an autumn day was pulled up to a tight bond. Her typical casual business attire had a benefit because it would easily direct Paul to her gorgeous deep blue eyes, constantly. Deep blue-Aegean Sea and sensual, he could see and feel her soul through these eyes. Her smile was stunning, her smile was a winner. A tingle ran down his spine. The constant eye contact made him feel a strong interest in this woman. He was awed by the combination of beauty, intelligence and the obvious interest in him she was projecting with these very eyes. He thought he could sense her beautiful inner world and sensitivities through this eye contact. An off-white blouse under a closed blue jacket formed an area of vividness near her exquisite, winning white real sable fur eyelashes. A contrasting bright scarf sharpened this effect. This crimson-red scarf helped direct his eyes to her own eyes, constantly.Could this Goddess be the same Sophie? Was she Helen of Troy? Was she real?Anctr

real sable fur eyelashes
real sable fur eyelashes

This time they shook hands and he had a second powerful shock. Since he was tall and slim his palms were long and thin and when he shook hands, he had the habit to squeeze the other person’s hands to show his real sable fur eyelashes. But Sophie’s hands were so long, feminine and slim that he had trouble even touching them. He was just awed.

Her amazing, piercing blue eyes meant so much more to him. She was stunningly attractive and good-looking! She was angelic, striking… He had to take time to relax and absorb the shock.

They sat the table and started to begin their cooperation and the very meaningful constant eye contact between their blue eyes was only to be interrupted by Paul’s occasional glimpse of admiration at Sophie’s hands. Slim. Long and white they could only belong to a pianist or even project the uniquely beautiful real sable fur eyelashes of the best ancient Greek statue. He was having difficulty in balancing the feelings the eye contact generated, the awe of elegance the glimpses of her hands touching his soul and concentrating in his work.

After dinner, they both went to their room to dress for the club. Paul was ready quicker, so he went out to the pool and had his Diet Coke. He was anxiously waiting to see how Sophie would look in her “surprise” dress.

She emerged half an hour later and she was gorgeously beautiful. The wonderful simple but very graceful flowing red dress she was wearing was made just to suit her.It’s bright, eye-catching colour, her glistening silver necklace and stylish red clutch bag with her discreet matching Fendi shoes made her look sexy, but not revealing, elegant and shining. Her face was stunning with its perfectly balanced characteristics, higher cheek bones, her narrow distinct nose with its nicely tanned but perfect silk-fine skin searing warmth, and her deep blue eyes with their long real sable fur eyelashes radiating the real sable fur eyelashes of love. She was like a beautiful lotus flower blossoming in the autumn. She was the Lady in red. She walked elegantly to his couch, where Janet was waiting with Sophie’s drink.

“I am stunned,” Paul said as he stood up. “You are absolutely beautiful. And, your red dress…

It was exactly noon. They sat, side by side on the living room couch at the beach house, and what a very exquisite beach house it was indeed.

They sipped on a glass of a rare French Chardonnay. They exchanged funny jokes, laughed and laughed their hearts out. They were both so very, very happy.

He picked up his iPad. He carefully, slowly read her their poem, Our Destination. She asked for, and he brought her tissues as she sobbed.

She grabbed his iPad and, with a lot of passion read him her reply.

It was he who needed the tissues now.

Paul knew that anything could happen. It might have been too late, he might have missed his chance. It might be too early. But he wanted to know that at least he had tried. He had to move, now, whatever might happen!

He looked into her eyes.

“Your beautiful deep blue eyes attract me,”

“Thank you, she quipped. Yours are far more beautiful,”

Paul laughed, “Sophie we’re here on vacation, to relax It’s not a competition at all,” Paul thought and went on,

“Sophie I wish you to live a very long and healthy life but I want to live minus one day so I never have to live without you, I couldn’t bear it at all,”

She was so very touched as she gave him a gentle real sable fur eyelashes on the cheek and a shiver ran down his spine. He caressed her hair, and, somehow, magically their lips met. He kissed her very tenderly and ever so softly.

It was beautiful and it went on and on.

He now kissed her more passionately. She kissed back the full fire. It was beautiful and it went on and on. A full hour passed until they finally stopped kissing.

The Caesar salad they had ordered sat untouched.

At 6:30 in the evening, dressed in their swimsuits, they emerged from the bedroom holding hands and walked to the sea. Their short dip was refreshing and invigorating.

They slowly crawled to the beach and lay down, side by side looking at the sun. They didn’t talk for fifteen minutes. Then, Sophie slowly turned her head and whispered to his ear.

“I never, ever, in my life or in any of my wildest of real sable fur eyelashes imagined that such an amazing afternoon could ever exist, ever be possible,”

But, it was not into his ear that she whispered, it to was into his heart.

“It’s quite simple,” he replied.

real sable fur eyelashes
real sable fur eyelashes

“It’s our amazing love for each other that made this amazing real sable fur eyelashes possible. And as our amazing love continues to blossom and grow so will the amazing afternoons be even more amazing,”


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